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Echo Calls Theme Song
by Theron Woods

"Good Ol' Boys" Echo Mallard Madness DVD Series

Echo Championship Calls

Kent Cullum showing off with Echo Prime Meat Call (which was renamed to Echo Pure Meat)

Rick Dunn World Championship 1997

The Lonesome Hen

The F4 Echo Series Boat from Excel Boats! One Awesome Boat!!!!

Smoking 7 Limits of Mallards Cherokee Sports Featherlite Decoys and Rusty Creasey

Rick Dunn calling tips

One of Those Mornings Gettin Em Good in the Timber!

Need Some Aiming Oil Knockin Down Some Mallards

Leaky Waders Awesome Hardcore Greentimber Duck Hunt

How to Make a Duck Call World Champion Rick Dunn

Great Youth Hunt at Harveys Duck Club

Echo Style Tyler Merritt and Kent Cullum 2 Man Duck Calling Champions

Echo Mallard Madness III Its a Duck Thing The intro!

Echo Boys Hunt-Last Day of the Season at Harveys Club

Duck Call Selection-Echo Calls- Choosing the Right Call

Damn Good Duck Hunting Stinger

Bowhunting Ducks - More Clips from Echo Mallard Madness III Its a Duck Thing

Walks Like a Duck, Talks Like a Duck

Competition Duck Calling Routine - Echo Calls - Finest Duck Call on the Market

Bowhunting Ducks-Mallard Madness IV The Backwater Blues

Bowhunting Ducks - Awesome Full Limits

Call Shy Ducks - Let Em Work the Decoys

Echo Calls Good Ole Boys - Theron Woods and Keith Allen

As Good As It Gets - Green Timber Duck Hunt

1997 World Duck Calling Championship

60 Seconds of Hell for Heaven Excel Boats 60 Second Spot

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