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Duck Call Trouble Shooting & Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My duck call sounds good but it's just a little too raspy. How do I fix that?
A: Sometimes it's just as simple as taking your insert out and giving it a couple flicks. Not to big of a bend on the reed or reeds but enough to make them snap down. This fixes the problem in most cases but not always.

Q: When I got my call from you guys it sounded great now it's lost it's tone. What do I do?
A: Well a lot of times if you are using an actual cork and not a wedge the cork tends to dry out and you need to replace it. Also if you have dropped your call it could cause the reeds to move. You could take your insert out and make sure your reeds or reed is sitting straight.

Q: I took my reed out to change my dead cork but now the call sounds really bad.
A: You need to take the reed back out and check it to make sure you put it in right with the bend going down towards the soundboard of the call. You can check this by placing the bottom part of the reed standing straight up on the table and using your index finger to push down on it to make sure your bend is going the correct way. Also make sure when you put the reed back in your call it is pushed to the very back of the cork slot before putting your cork back in to hold it.

Q: I have tried everything I know to fix my call and nothing seems to be working. What can I do?
A: You can always ship it to us to tune it up for no charge. We only ask you pay shipping which is 7 dollars. We will have it back tuned up and sounding great again for you in a day or 2. Our shipping address is:
P.O. Box 187
Beebe, AR 72012
You can add a note in the box explaining what you want done to your call. If when you bought the call and it had too much or too little pressure we can fix that for you as well to make it harder or easier for you to blow.

Q: I couldn't find something for my duck call on your website. How do I get it?
A: Well anything and everything you need for your duck call is on our website. You can click the accessories button at the top of the page and should be able to locate anything you could possibly need for your call.

Q: I wanted to be on the echo calls staffing how do I go about possibly getting added.
A: Well you can send out an email to EchoCalls@futura.net in the Subject line put Attention: David St. John and in the body put why you want to join and where you live.

Q: I ordered on Friday is my product shipped yet?
A: If you ordered after 9am central time on Friday your product won't be processed until Monday morning. Depending on the quantity of orders and order priority your product may not be shipped out until Tuesday. Most situations your product will be shipped out on Monday though.

Q: I live over seas and I ordered a product and it said 7 dollar shipping why am I being charged more?
A: Even though we can try to get your order out at 7 dollars there is no guarantee that we can ship to you for that amount. When shipping overseas the products weight becomes a problem with the amount we have to charge for shipping. Before all orders are processed overseas or even state side we call the customer and let them know ahead of time if the shipping is going to be more than the normal 7 dollar amount and get a confirmation that it is ok to go ahead and charged the additional shipping fee.

If there is any question you have that weren't answered for you on this page send us an email to EchoCalls@futura.net

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