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The Brass Bands are 1/2" wide, 1 1/4" O. D., 1.182 I.D. and .035 wall thickness. The Aluminum Bands are 1/2" wide, 1 1/4" O.D., 1.178 I.D. and .035 wall thickness.

Brass Bands - .80
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Tumbled Aluminum Bands - .70 (Out of Stock)
Untumbled Aluminum Bands - .60
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The Tumbled Aluminum bands are run threw our Tumbler which takes some of the imperfections out of the band itself.

The UnTumbled Bands are just the raw Aluminum band.

Brass Pins - .02
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Drill Bits - 2.00
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These bands are all hand turned and unique in their own way. They will give your game calls a more classy look. The Brass Band measurements are 1/2" wide, 1 1/4" O. D., 1.182 I.D. and .035 wall thickness.
Note: It is recommended to dip your bands in a laquer before putting them on your call or at the same time you dip your calls to prevent tarnishing.

Brass Band Stippled & UnPolished - 4.50 (Out of Stock)
Brass Band Stippled & Polished - 5.00 (Out of Stock)

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